Welcome to My Words

For years, I've written about everything under the sun: My words contain a mix of poetry, life, and worlds unseen. Take a look at my various works below. You have quite a journey ahead of you.

What stories are we this lovely afternoon?


Creative Writing

You have blood on your hands, but you smile anyway. A woman grits her teeth as she stares into her black cup of a coffee. The world is ending - you have to save it. Step into my creative worlds and dream.

Hey Life, It's Me Again

Sometimes, reality is tough. We all have crazy experiences, trouble with our minds and hearts and definitely have no idea what the hell is going on. See life through my eyes and enjoy my dark, comical cynism.



My heart heaves in the heavens, as I beckon you to sing alongside me. My friend, read my words, feel the fire, the fury and the freedom.