Who’s FaythFuI?

So, Who’s FaythFuI?

This is my logo I go by – if you see this, you know it’s my work!

Gamertags on PSN/Steam/Xbox: FaythFuI (with an i at the end…)

I’ve been known as FaythFuI for over 8 years now. I selected this name for my love of the word “Faith”. Now, my view of having faith isn’t related directly to religion, but more so to courage (which fits with this site, now doesn’t it?). The word faith to me means having the courage to step forward into the darkness and still hold true to yourself, no matter what comes your way. We live in a world where we are constantly stepping into the unknown; having faith that you’ll make it through this darkness is why I go by this name – I try to remain as “FaythFuI” as possible through my life.

Tagline: Truly Outstanding…

This tagline came to me about a year after being known as FaythFuI. Truly Outstanding (while it may sound cocky) is meant to represent being an individual that is outstanding in a way that is separate from the norm. I consider myself someone who always tries to think outside the box, and I pride myself on my differences. I’m a little weirder and crazier than the usual, which in my mind, makes me an individual that stands outside the typical. Basically this line represents my desire to stand out, be different, and make people think. I never want to fade into the face of the crowd because what I have to offer to the world is too important to me. The ellipse at the end of the phrase represents that I always have something else to say or add – there’s always more I can give to the world and that’s why I hope to uphold myself as a ‘truly outstanding’ person.