Welcome to A Breath of Courage!

Welcome to a Breath of Courage! My little creation in progress – This is my first website I’ve ever made/developed before, so I’m still working to get out all the kinks and to fill it with content I know you’ll enjoy. So stay tuned, there will be plenty cool things on here in the future!

Why a “Breath of Courage”, you may ask?

Well let me tell you – Each breath you take is a breath you take with courage in your heart.

I pride myself on being able to offer my thoughts on life’s daily struggles, so that’s why I picked this title for my site – It’s meant to offer hope, because whether you’re conquering the world, or just taking life one breath at a time, you are a courageous soul – simply for the breaths that you take.

So get out there, and let us be courageous together.