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Dissociation [Freeverse Poetry]

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Sedate me softly to silence my screams. Inside, they echo, illness illuminated. My pills pray, as they slide down my throat: “Fix this fucked up, dysfunctional woman”. But I laugh, my eyes inverted, internal. All she sees is this darkness, the depths of her madness. She is not “I”, but an indistinguishable her, lost in the echo chambers of her …

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The Colorless – Poetry [Freeverse]

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A poem that applies to all the creative dreamers that feel stifled by reality.   Sometimes I find myself grasping the air before me My hands are chapped, and thin. The air is cold. What I don’t realize is that I am attempting to grasp onto my Own sense of wonder—my sense that my mind could truly create… Something. Something …