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Melancholy [Artwork]

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  Here is the beginning of a new project I’ve been working on this summer. As of now, I’m currently depicting the most prominent pieces of my personality and making them into characters. My first I present is, well, Melancholy (I plan to give them actual names in the future, write them into stories, etc.). She’s a mixture of blues …

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An Ocean Inside [Dark, Freeverse Poetry]

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I have an ocean inside me, Motion, a wave of emotion, Rippling through bones and beating insides The oxygen, where are you? The salt, seeping in my lungs Each breath, hoarse, nails running down red flesh, Blood washed away, the waves curl. The sharks inside me tremble. They smell the crimson, the dripping organs Now filled with sand – solid, …

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Emotion Splicers [Short Horror/Supernatural Freewrite]

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I started writing this piece in my journal when I was in class, since this idea has been on my mind for way too long. I’ll hopefully expand on it even more, and add little bits and pieces in the future. I hope you like it! It’s dark, weird, and definitely rough, but I actually put my idea to paper, …