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What It’s Like to Be the 1%: My Experience with Stress and Self-Doubt

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I was lost in my thoughts as I sat there, bouncing my knee and clicking my pen. I felt like my skin was on fire – This was it, I have to do better this time, have to do better…I looked at my instructor. Her eyes were piercing, as always. She smiled a moment and said – “I have your assignments …

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Beyond The Surface – Short Story [10,389 Words]

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Ingrid Harrington is a woman with a very special gift – she has the ability to interpret deep emotion and creative texts in a world ruled by science and facts – in a world where people can’t even fathom the ideas of fantasy or intricate feeling. With this, Ingrid must find a way to enlighten those around her before her ability falls into the wrong hands.

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A Theoretical Mother

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Adrenaline rushes through me. My hands sweat, and I bite my lip fiercely till it bleeds. Tension fills my whole entire body, and there is simply no way for me to escape it. Not that I want to, for that fact. How can you get through this? I am technically your mother after all. I’m a pretty cruel mother. I …