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What It’s Like to Be the 1%: My Experience with Stress and Self-Doubt

In Hey Life, It's Me Again, Writing by FaythFuI1 Comment

I was lost in my thoughts as I sat there, bouncing my knee and clicking my pen. I felt like my skin was on fire – This was it, I have to do better this time, have to do better…I looked at my instructor. Her eyes were piercing, as always. She smiled a moment and said – “I have your assignments …

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Blackened Flight – Poetry [Freeverse]

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A dark poem commenting on human corruption.  Structure binds our veins to glory Tying blood. Memory knots—Flow vanishing Knots tighter, limbs blue They plan to cut them off for you Sent to factories in polluted skies Blackened tar, innocent doves A promise to pay you for your flesh Like feathers blackened, a tainted mesh Of empty change jars filled with …

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A Theoretical Mother

In Hey Life, It's Me Again by FaythFuILeave a Comment

Adrenaline rushes through me. My hands sweat, and I bite my lip fiercely till it bleeds. Tension fills my whole entire body, and there is simply no way for me to escape it. Not that I want to, for that fact. How can you get through this? I am technically your mother after all. I’m a pretty cruel mother. I …