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Caffeine [Poetry]

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It’s just the caffeine, the chemistry, my remedy. When dopamine and serotonin find themselves hiding in the no-where corners of my brain and the world vibrates in a haze of uncontrollable motion, I turn to a chemical that feels like oxytocin. Because in my mind, is chemical warfare, thoughts altering chemistry, the past pulling at my memory, draining my energy. …

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Mania [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – And alas, the dark returns. I present my own custom tarot card – “Mania”. This card is represents my mental split between anxiety and depression. On the left, is my anxiety, or manic highs; sometimes I find myself to be very productive and energetic; this energy can sometimes feel happy, but other times, it can spiral out of …

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Moving Out: The Journey to Self-Healing and Discovery

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This past week, I took the leap – I finally moved out of my parents’ house. With over two months of searching and having various opportunities fall through, I’ve found myself on my own. No more floundering through each day, no more wondering if I’ll ever be strong enough to jump into the unknown – here I am. It was …