Lexy Moscinski (FaythFuI)



Freelance Artist & Writer 

Strategic Implementation & Creative Communication Specialist

Master's of Organizational Leadership


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A little madness is key...

My vision

For years, I've stretched the limits of my imagination to question the fabric of our reality. Whether I'm summoning up magical worlds from the center of my spirit, or commenting on the daily grind, my creative work has always guided me. I aspire to be truly outstanding, to think outside the box, to be anything but normal, because quite frankly, I'm far from it. Darkness blankets my work, but at its core, it will always bring light - whether that light reflects understanding, or finding strength through pain, I strive to make my work real - darkness partnered with illumination.

Life is a peculiar thing, but we're in this together.


I've been writing since I was handed an empty notebook when I was ten. Stories have followed me for my entire life and I've always dared to write them. If we've ever met eyes, you're already in my discourse; a villain with blood painting their lips, or a hero, off to save their family from years of suffering. Your smile and eyes are woven into my poetry, into heartbreak and sunshine.

I love fantasy and the supernatural - horror is my home, but writing simply about life brings me just as much joy. I've started to blog much more about my life experiences, mixing in poetry here and there - in the end, I love to make people think and to remind them that they're not alone.


Just like my writing, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. I started as a traditional artist, crafting illustrations of characters from my stories in pencil. Today, I create both digital and traditional artwork; I typically enjoy drawing people in a cartoon style with sharp color on dark contrast (as always!) - my artistic work also reflects my writing in that many of my pieces question reality and explore various life topics such as mental health and personal growth.