About Me

About Me 

 Lexy Moscinski

Bachelor’s of Arts | Communication

Passionate Artist, Writer and Gamer for over 10 years.


“Aspire to be Truly Outstanding…”

Note: If you’d like to get a hold of me personally, you can e-mail me at lex.moscinski@gmail.com!

I‘m just a creative soul, wanting to display every imaginative, crazy, dark, curious, and thoughtful thing I have to offer.

I have been a writer for over a decade and enjoy dabbling in creative/fantasy fiction with plenty of horror elements mixed in.

Let’s just say I’m a little psychotic, but I’m a passionate psycho that sees the world from every angle, and thoroughly enjoys helping my fellow writers craft and develop their own stories (never hesitate to ask for help or suggestions.)

I’m an observer, an analyst thats mind never stops ticking. I notice everything, twist it into my own, creative pattern, and make something of it. Everything is a canvas, and I’m an artist who plans to paint as many pictures as I can, no matter how outrageous they may be.

If you ever catch eye contact with me, you’re already in my stories, a villain painted by the blood of their victims, or a hero/heroine ready to conquer their darkest fears to save the ones they love.

Writing, art, and gaming are my passions because they take me to a whole new realm, and add color to the reality I live in.

I want to change someone. 

Inspire someone. Terrify Someone. Enlighten someone. Save someone.

And that’s the beauty of creativity – I have the ability to create anything, just as I have the ability to make you feel through the words I write, the lines I draw, and the buttons I press. 

I want to make the world see and feel in ways they’ve never have before.

I want to bring them to a whole new reality.

That is my goal, as a creative (or passionately psychotic) being.

To take my readers/viewers on a wild journey through Hell and back.

It’ll be fun. I promise.