Knightress Final Form [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – From knights to swords to all things in between, I present the “final form” of my own original Knightress character. I wanted to create an evolved and supercharged version of her mask and outfit (refer to my profile picture for her other main design!)
I will admit, I was inspired by the Soul Reaper forms from Bleach (god love that anime) and actively listened to the soundtrack drawing her – this character is my own inner hero and artistic, fighting spirit (she probably has a Bankai inside her…ha)
In addition to completing her, I’m now drawing EVERY Monday! That’s right, my new Creative Day is Monday to ensure I spent time developing new stories and characters – while I may not finish pieces every Monday, it’s my time to work – I hope to be posting more as well!
Thanks again for your support – enjoy! – Fayth

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