Hollow Moments [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – Sometimes I have Hollow Moments, where I feel a hole in my chest and I think about existence in ways that takes my mind to dark places.
Even though I’ve grown so much in my life, which is representative of the flowers growing from the woman, I still feel emptiness and doubt, and wonder if I’m truly contributing to the world in the way I should be.
I think all of us experience these moments; you’ve got your routine down; you’re eating better, exercising more, doing well at work, enjoying your friendships, but then, in the calm of a simple evening, the emptiness can come and burst through your chest and out your back.
The blackness in my illustration is that empty feeling, that hollowness.
I don’t consider this piece necessarily negative; it honors all the growth I’ve had, as displayed by the flowers, but also honors my Hollow Moments (the name of this piece) – but I am grateful they are just moments, and not forevers.
I’m glad I can still smell the flowers and see them grow.

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