Guilt [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – Hey everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday; I had some downtime myself this week to finally finish another Tarot Card piece. This one is representative of guilt; the figure is overflowing from the weight of the sand inside it, which is pouring out of its mouth and stomach.
The sand represents the heaviness that guilt often brings; the worms and the fanged openings on the figures body represent the gnawing or all-consuming feeling one has when riddled with guilt.
This one was both a difficult and interesting piece to do. For much of my life I’ve held guilt about different things, whether it be fueled by irrational anxiety or sorrow from past mistakes.
It’s a hard feeling to manifest, but I felt a sense of ease and control putting it into a piece of artwork. I know it’s an emotion many of us can relate to, so I figured I’d depict it. Hope you all enjoy.

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