Endure [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – And so, even when you are bruised and beaten, you must continue to endure; there is more work to do. Here, I showcase my own original character, Fayth, bloody from fighting the many wars of life; she is embolden by the light coming out of her visor, which cuts through the red of blood splattered across her body. Often times, when I find myself consumed by the whims of life, I think of Fayth, who is an artistic manifestation of my creativity and spirit. She is always ready to fight, and is the soul inside of me that encourages me to create.

Right now, I find myself wound up in a lot of upcoming changes; work has been trying, as we face challenges we did not foresee, thoughts on moving to a new place echo in the back of my mind, and my master’s degree consistently demands my meticulous attention.

Somedays, I feel quite wounded by the stress, much like the physical wounds seen in my artwork. But I know if I keep enduring, that I will continue to grow stronger; this is why I make time for works of art like these. It’s been harder lately, I haven’t created as much, but this piece has been sitting in my mind for quite a while. As usual, my emotional pieces are often brutal, but this one stands brutally strong. Hope you all enjoy.

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