Mania [Illustration]

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#CreationDay – And alas, the dark returns. I present my own custom tarot card – “Mania”. This card is represents my mental split between anxiety and depression. On the left, is my anxiety, or manic highs; sometimes I find myself to be very productive and energetic; this energy can sometimes feel happy, but other times, it can spiral out of control, which is represented by the chaotic smile and the feathers falling out of the woman.

On the right, is my depression, shadowed by a mask and covered in a dark cloak filled with harsh, sharp shapes. My depression is not only sad, but cruel, as I often struggle with feeling of existential dread, anger, and meaninglessness. I love the concept of tarot cards, and hope to continue making them.

Again, I wanted to try to share art that is a little darker and more expressive to my emotional state, as I mentioned in a previous post. For those who struggle with mental illness, what do your “sides” look like? Feel free to share in the comments if you’re comfortable; and please know, you are loved, and you are not alone.

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