Lynor Valerious [Illustration]

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“My name is Lynor Valerious – darkness may be all around us, but I am here to eradicate it. Light will win.”

Who says girls can’t be nerds?

Here’s an illustration of my Dungeons and Dragons character for my upcoming DnD campaign! I’m so excited to get started playing.

Lynor is a Paladin of The Silver Flame, she grew up alongside her church, tasked to help the sick, and do good wherever she went. But after her church became secretly corrupted by vampires, she was sought out to be turned into one of them and brought into the darkness herself. With all her strength she was able to escape her church, her only home – but not before burning it to the ground, killing those who were corrupted, and those who weren’t.

With no parents or loved ones to guide her, Lynor set out on her own, abandoning the way of her Church, and seeking only guidance from the purest source of good – the Voice of the Silver Flame that connected humanity to the divines. She continued following the words of the voice by continuing to do good, but not without having a dark weight on her shoulders.

If my characters weren’t kinda edgy and traumatized, would it really be one of my characters? Definitely not!


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