I Am Equal to It

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#WeeklyCreationButNotWeekly – Hi all – sorry for my lack of content lately, I’ve been so busy adjusting to living on my own among other things, so my creative energy has been all over the place.

But anyway – I present this piece! My mom and I recently watched Dracula on Netflix (2020) – yes, I’m lame, it’s been remade 100 times, but I’m a sucker (ha) for vampires, so I watched it.

There’s a particular scene where Dracula says “You are in pain…” to the main protagonist who is dying of cancer – she looks up to him and says “I am equal to it.”

I instantly fell in love with that quote – I think often times in life, we like to say we are going to “get over” our pain, or be “above it”, when in reality, we carry our pain with us throughout our life. The genuine, human experience has plenty of pain, and suffering – and through that suffering, we grow kinder, and more compassionate, and learn the most deeply about ourselves and others. So let us be equal to our pain – let us take time to validate that it exists, to recognize it, and to understand that our pain can often bring us strength.

The woman in this picture is of my persona of “FaythFuI” – she’s cut and bruised – she’s used to battling through her struggles, but still stands tall. (I have ideas for making a “battle suit” version of her – which is why she has that fancy mask on…we’ll see where I go with it).

ANYWAY. Long-winded, ah, as I usually am. I hope you guys like this quote as much as me!

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