The Woman in Me [Freeverse Poetry]

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Play that minor key for me darling,

Swing your body, tie your heart strings around your unbreakable ribs, and sing, sing

Sing out the woman in you, let the world hear it, hear your thunder, your lightning

You’re electrifying, tantalizing, a heat that strikes the frozen earth, fire burning

You’re everything I want to be, the woman I want to see, the woman I see, I see, in me.

So own it, be it, see it in your motion, see it in your reflection, see it in the energy, the hum that surrounds you.

Because you are the radiance, the brilliance that shines behind dark eyes and lopsided grins.

You are the force, unrelenting, lawless in nature. You are the storm. 

So rain down, let the world soak you up, let them drink you in.

And make them beg for more.

Beg for your pressing passion wrapped by curves and confidence – your voice that will not be muddled, your words that will be painted across each wound in the world, because woman, you are the light in this chaos.

I see this…this lightning woman in you, the one I’ve always wanted to be – the one who conquers her femininity, ripe with age and wisdom, a smile that could kill, a laugh that could shatter men and women alike, and a heart big enough, that she herself would pick up those shattered pieces, and put them back together.

I learn from this. This power to break and rebuild. Because I wish to have this power for myself…to break myself down, to search for that electricity in between my ribs, and to release it, as she does. To be the electricity, as she is. 

Because what defines a woman more than the power of the earth itself? The mother to all that brings life. The one who brings the rain for the flowers to grow, the one who shifts the ground underneath her, the one that cools the nights and warms the days, the one with a heated core that rebuilds to craft a new image. 

The part of the earth you bring is the storm above me, crackling with ferocity, while I’m the flower underneath you, my roots trembling, ready to be uprooted into the wind so I may be one with the rain you bring. If I become a result of such a storm, I’d hope that that essence, that presence, will awaken the storm I have growing inside me. 

Because it shakes my roots, shakes my leaves, it begs for freedom, for that heart you so boldly bare, woman, my god, woman, you are my inspiration, my hope, my foundation I wish to build upon my pulse, to grow into something as unshakable as you.

Because you are the lightning woman, what I am destined to become, and I can’t thank the earth enough for bringing your storm. 

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