Feelings for Sale [Artwork]

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Title: Feelings for Sale

Medium: Pen/Marker

“Sometimes I package my feelings in a small box with a little blue bow. I hand them to people and smile because they smile. I hope that people pay for the feelings, but sometimes they just take them out of my hands, stealing them from me. I’m not sure whether to feel sad, or happy, but at least I can make them into something beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful feelings. The most beautiful thing about packaging them…well, is not having to feel them, I suppose? Just hand them to the world, and they’ll take care of them, won’t they?”

This art piece directly represents my need to translate my feelings into artwork/writing – to make them into something appealing to the public rather than to process or feel them authentically. It’s a struggle of mine, considering my artwork and my writing are ways to cope with my difficult feelings, but sometimes, it’s just a distraction from them. This piece in itself is ironic, which makes it even more pleasing to me.

Naturally, I chose a “mechanical” aesthetic, considering when you think “machine” you think “lack of feeling”.

Feelings don’t always have to be beautiful, or made into something folks – sometimes, they just need to be what they are: Feelings — Authentic, valid, and uniquely your own.”

With everlasting encouragement,

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