Melancholy [Artwork]

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Here is the beginning of a new project I’ve been working on this summer.

As of now, I’m currently depicting the most prominent pieces of my personality and making them into characters. My first I present is, well, Melancholy (I plan to give them actual names in the future, write them into stories, etc.). She’s a mixture of blues and purples and represents my sadness I feel. She questions her life, and her reality all the time (and maybe needs a hug or two, just look at her!) – She’s quiet but always speaking to herself – She is a part of me.

I hope to finish sketching out the other parts soon, I have a good amount of them finished in my sketchbook, I just have to get them to photoshop!

Here’s my personality traits that I’m depicting: Melancholy, Darkness (as in, love of horror/morbidness. So a positive darkness, haha), Childlike Joy, Compassion, Creativity, Cynicism, Anxiety, Fayth, and Intellect/Philosophy. Hopefully you’ll see the rest soon. But for now – Enjoy the Melancholy.


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