Constructive Change Leads to Positive Experience

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We’ve all had times in our lives where we’ve needed to make a few changes.

Whether those changes include eating a healthier diet, ending a toxic relationship, or focusing more on school/work, change is a part of life. But sometimes, change can be overwhelming. For many people, it’s easier to just stick to what you know, or to what feels comfortable.

But in many ways, comfort doesn’t condone growth, or further experience.

If you have trouble with change, try to reform the word in your mind to “experience.” Dealing with changes helps give you life experience, in turn, making you more able to manage yourself as you move forward. While change can be scary, it can help you evaluate yourself as a person, and can educate you on the flow and meaning of life.

Change can help lead you to endless possibilities, whether that change be as small as starting to read 30 minutes a day, or as big as moving to a new state. Changes are what make life liveable – because in reality, we don’t want to be in the same place doing the same thing all the time, right?  Living in sameness doesn’t help us grow or offer much meaning – it keeps us in a rut that often encourages mental instability and hinders development.

If you feel you don’t have the power to change, or do not like change, remind yourself that many changes are in your own hands.

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While life does have its way of changing on its own, you have the ability to set positive healthy goals for yourself that encourage constructive change. Whether you’re drinking water over Coke, working on your poetry for the first time in months, organizing your workspace, or opening up to new people, you’re making constructive change that leads to positive life experience.

Set goals. Make constructive change a part of your life, because not only will you allow yourself to grow, but you will allow your perspective on yourself, and your life to change for the better – you have the power to do great things.

What changes have you experienced in your life? What kind of goals are you making to improve yourself? Leave a comment below! 

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