Help Me – I’m Cold in All this Warmth [Freeverse Poetry]

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Help – my heart sings too loud and your ears can’t take it

Help me – my mind is swirling deeper into itself, it’s turning off my lungs, I can’t breathe.

Please, help me – my limbs are trembling now, I can’t even hold my pencil, it’s fumbling, I’m fumbling, where am I going?

I implore you, help me – my thoughts, the good, the good is there but it’s leaving me, why do they always leave? It’s all leaving, far, far, away, all I’m left with is cold, please, tell me why I am so cold when it is summer? It’s not even raining, yet I am drenched to the bone. I can even see the sun, but it’s so far away (is it?).

I’m on my knees now, can’t you see my tears? – What is this smile on my face? Why am I smiling. Oh yes, the good, the summer, right? But where is the summer – it is here, but I cannot see it. Why can’t I see something right in front of me?

God anybody, see me – my heart is trying to break out of my ribs! I told it to stay back, but it said it wanted to pick flowers in the fields. I knew it would shrivel in the sun, so I held in my bones and let my heart beat and beat – It resents me. 

I can’t help but beg you –  Now all my other organs want to be free, they’re crying, I can feel their tears inside me, but I’m just smiling, smiling in this cold, cold, summer. Why am I a walking contradiction? Why does this smile make me so uselessly broken?

And by God, why is it so cold in the summer?!

Help me. (?) (!) (…)

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