Time’s Not Flying, You Are

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Have you ever considered that life is passing so quickly because almost every moment is a moment you want to pass?

I find myself living my life in a way of passing. I go to school and instantly look forward to going home, I rush through my homework just to be able to relax, I scroll through Facebook just to fill “empty” time, when really, it’s a blatant waste of time – so why do I do it? Why do I do any of this? Why do I feel like I have to rush through about 80% of my life just to get to the good parts, when the good parts can’t even be appreciated half the time because of how exhausted I am?

Do I feel the need to rush through these other parts because they are actually “bad” parts? Is this 80% of my life, of living and breathing through these seemingly tedious and mind-numbing instances, what my life is meant to be about?

Is this why time passes so quickly? Because really, although I say I hate how much time flies, I’m really the one causing it to move as quickly as it is?

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If you’re like me, your mind is always caught in the future. We all have responsibilities we have to uphold to, and it’s not easy. But what happens when those responsibilities seem to snuff out the “life” part of, well, life.

Even when I do have time to myself, I still don’t seem to enjoy my fleeting moments of freedom. I can write an blog post (like this one) to reflect on my forever racing thoughts, to create some meaning through the solidarity of my words, I can play a video game, or get a drink with a friend or two, but for some reason, my mind is still just waiting for the next thing.

But I’m always waiting. So is this current existence just a waiting game?

I think one of the best examples of living in this waiting game is education. Ironically, I’m typing this post while sitting in one of my classes, letting the flow of information go in one ear and out the other.

If you’ve ever been a student before, or are currently a student, you know what it’s like when you have to sit in a two hour lecture and listen to material you’re meant to be enthused.

This is for your career! It’s got to be useful, please tell me it’s useful! – But real talk, most of us just want to get the hell out of here, and go home and sleep.

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Not saying there hasn’t been moments in school where I’ve actually enjoyed the lecture and the content, but man have there been days where I just want to take a gun to my head and BOOM! (Drama ensues here, everyone.)

So what’s the point? Really? To constantly mull through the daily grind, just praying to come across something memorable? Is this why life is moving so fast, because moments of happiness are so far and few between?

I don’t want all the moments to just pass is the thing – but the days just keep leaving me, and it’s my fault. But how do you stop it? How do you stop something as grand as time? You don’t.

But guess what. Time is moving at the same pace for every second, for every minute,for every hour, and for every day. If you have the power to make time fly, you also have the power to slow time down.

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So, please – Slow down. Give yourself a moment to breathe, and to actually live your life for just a second. If you’re sitting in class just waiting for it to be over, wasting those precious moments of the life you are living (yes, you are living even though it may not feel like it sometimes), pull out a journal, or a piece of paper and just start writing down something memorable that happened for the day – something funny your friend said, something you’re looking forward to – anything. After that, date the journal/piece of paper and save it for later. Pull it back out later to remind you of the moments you lived.

Aside that, you need to let yourself slow down. One thing I try to do right when I wake up is to sit up in my bed, put some relaxing music on, and close my eyes. Just let yourself meditate for a moment, take time to prepare for your day before you go out to conquer it. You deserve those moments of solitude no matter how fleeting they are.

Remember that time is constant. You are the one that is flying – you just have to teach yourself how to land.


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      Thank you so much! I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed my work so far – I hope to see your comments in the future!

  1. Your page is lovely, I am so impressed with your articles and thoughts on living a life, rather than watching it pass. I see in your site, the breath of courage, urging the failing forward. A ray of light brought to earth, spreading richly throughout the crevices we are caught up in. Your guide, simply words, expressions of your youth, visions from your hell and praise from your soul. All points that may balance others as they walk along the crevices created in their own world. I look forward to your future writing and art shared. Always remember…. if only one.

  2. Author

    I try to update my site at least once a week with new content – there’s been a lot of things I’ve been working on lately, so sometimes it’s hard to squeeze out inspiration to work on things, but I’m glad you enjoy my work – what makes you love it so I can keep doing what you enjoy?

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