Thank You for Your ‘Thank Yous’

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

This phrase is something I hear multiple times at my new job – Outback Steakhouse.

I currently work there as a server, and have found myself vastly driven by the fresh, fast-paced environment. Whether I’m grabbing side dressings, busing tables, or taking orders, I’m constantly moving.

My body is finally matching the stature of my constantly working mind, and let’s just say it’s all I could have hoped for. Of course, I’m still learning the ropes, and the work is definitely stressful, but it’s very, very rewarding.

Why you ask?

Because of the thank yous. 

I’m the type of individual who is constantly concerned about the wellbeing of other people, which makes a job like this all the more stressful and fun at the same time.

I want my tables to be served up to their highest standards. I won’t settle for anything less than perfection when it comes to service, which can take a lot of energy out of me as I find myself analyzing the people at my tables as I greet them with a hearty hello.

But the moment my smile is returned to me by my guests, my heart swells – I become useful and appreciated in that moment. 

Of course, I know I’m already a useful individual, but to have someone, pardon me, multiple people, at one time express their thankfulness to me… it’s amazing.

I honestly feel like Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation half the time. I often match her over-bubbling exuberance and incessant need to make other people happy.


Took the words right out of my mouth, Leslie.

As someone who always questions their worth, hearing someone verbalize to me that I’m doing well fills me to the brim.

I’m the kind of person who needs validation to feel successful. It can be a very twisted and self-depreciating frame of mind (considering I should be able to appreciate and see my own success), but it also makes me very aware of how other people see me as a person – And I’m as aware as I am because of how much I care (side note, I care a lot).

That being said, this job is frickin’ great for me. 

I’m just so used to being the thankful one, that being the receiver of direct thankfulness is more than just refreshing – it’s revitalizing.

And it’s even more exciting to be thanked with cold, hard cash (Note: I’ve made over double at my current job than at my last one, which is crazy!)


After sending my good-byes to my table, I find myself eagerly waiting to pick up the check to see the amount I’ve been tipped. Now, I know that seeing the tip is exciting for any server, but for me, it’s just double validation. The better I serve, the happier I make my guest(s), the happier I make my guest(s), the more money I make, and the better I feel about my capabilities as a server (and a person, honestly).

So in the end, if any of my guests I’ve served ever read this one day, thank you for your thank yous (and bless you if you ask me for something and say ‘Oh, no rush!’ you beautiful person). Not only does your thankfulness reaffirm my ability to be a compassionate, and efficient human being, but it also gives me the validation I need to keep moving forward.

So cheers to making people happy, myself happy, and making money all at the same time!

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