Tumbling Forward [Freeverse Poetry]

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As I fumble, my heart tumbles under the waves of your laughter.

My insides feel warm as the sound of your joy swirls inside me, bringing me nowhere else but here.

Away from my sorrows. Away from my darkness.

Just here. In our everlasting enthusiasm, our quality quirks, our friendship that fuels my moments in the present.

My moments of contentment in a world away from myself, because in this moment, I haveĀ you.

Together, our souls intertwine with memory ribbons.

Together, I can relish in the sound of your voice as it dips and curls in harmony with mine.

So please – enjoy my clumsy steps and my playful words, because it’s all for you, just to see that smile of yours.

Because your smile reflects onto me, and the whites of my teeth show whenever your eyes light up, and that light touches me. I just love that light in you!

It fills me to the brim as it shatters my darkness. It’s what I know as warmth, as the purest form of genuine happiness. So laugh for me. And I’ll laugh for you.

Tell me about the flicker behind your eyes that I love so much.

Because in this moment, I brought you laughter, as you brought me laughter.

It’s a circular exchange, you and I, as we feed into each other, sparks dancing in the same fire.

So please, my friend, all who are closest and dearest to me.

These words are for you.

I will give you all the joy your laughter brings me.

Because your laughter keeps my heart tumbling forward.

And I can’t thank you enough for that.

Who do you love in your life? What causes your heart to tumble forward? Leave a comment below!

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