An Ocean Inside [Dark, Freeverse Poetry]

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I have an ocean inside me,

Motion, a wave of emotion,

Rippling through bones and beating insides

The oxygen, where are you?

The salt, seeping in my lungs

Each breath, hoarse, nails running down red flesh,

Blood washed away, the waves curl.

The sharks inside me tremble.

They smell the crimson, the dripping organs

Now filled with sand – solid, suffering to beat.

Not good enough to eat, they circle in wait

Life, they wonder, hidden behind caverns

Of rib cages?

Beyond the urchins that shudder


Beneath the sands,

The flurry of fractured glass…

Tiny cuts festering with each jet stream.

A tsunami over the horizon.

The salt thickens, the sand settles.

Silence before the storm,

Quiet, labored beating

One lasting movement

Till it’s all washed away

The glass, the sand, the crimson tides.

The sharks that now cower,

The effigies, the corrosion, dancing in fractures.

The beating – sand and salt solidifies

Once tender, pink brims shuddering, drowning…

In dense plaque, they succumb

The ocean roars in precious seconds, moments before the storm.

All washed away.

As am I.

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