Woven Brokenness – Poetry [Freeverse]

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Had a random spur of inspiration when I woke up and decided to write this freestyle piece (I’m bad with poetry because half the time I end up making it sound like prose…but that’s just how my thoughts translate a lot of the time when I don’t censor myself.) So here it is! It’s short and unrefined, but I hope you guys like it.

All I need is me, woven in my own brokenness
Shattered glass tied by ribbons
Memory knots – intricate bows, tight center
Insecurities. Faults. Failures.
Each shard of my own existence
Of Myself.
Held together (?)

Fabric around porcelain skin

Every strand taunt, but you questioning
Wonder if woven webs can be wavered?
One loose knot, you take a pull
Pieces of me fall
Shards now sand
What have you done?
What have I done?
You pull another.
Sand gathers at shaking feet
Wavering in mirrors created
Ribbons hanging, crystals stripped and sharp
Unwind me – I cry.
Another pulled
A beach under furthering brokenness
A self under furthering panic
Why do you take my ribbons?
My strings I have tied to appease you?
Why do you laugh when you see them fall?
I tremble
You pull…
And pull…
And pull…
Till there’s nothing left
But vulnerable beating hearts and dreams
Covered in ribbons and sand.

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