Souls – Poetry [Freeverse]

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A series of short poems that describe people in my life using various letters of the alphabet. 


Souls emanating every color of every shade

Ones seen by only a few, their brightness hidden

Trembling under the sun, they fade

But not all souls are forbidden.

Beginning with one riddled with sickness

Brightness, suffering in frozen solitude

Blazing, harboring rays of fire, denying stiffness

Brilliantly spoken, voice full of ample volume

Breaking from isolation, surrounded by open hearts

Blanketing sorrow with joy, the sweetness of ice

Beauty, gifted in the arts

Beauty, that will never fail to suffice.

Cleverly calculated, royal at best

Crafted by the shining clouds above,

Cocky, but careful, silent to attest

Centered by stone, wary of love

Creatively tuned, treble clefts and brushes

Crowded in mind, ever so subtle

Captivating in grace, born by hushes

Customary in ways, a soul to puzzle.

Daring by body, strength to carry

Driven by mind, faltered by falseness

Direct, an arrow determined to bury

Dancing through laughter, needed nonsense

Deeply scared with diamonds for skin

Determined, a bull with pointed horns

Dreading the blood, but ready to win

Deliberately standing, armored with welcoming thorns.

Eccentric, a bird held with muscle

Evaluating steps, onward with success

Engraved in paper, one to hustle

Ending the rains, a level of care to bless

Expel the storms, carved in confidence

Excel in all, words woven with numbers through history

Eager to fly, a collected conscience

Earthly, a sudden failure a mystery.

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