Blackened Flight – Poetry [Freeverse]

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A dark poem commenting on human corruption. 

Structure binds our veins to glory

Tying blood. Memory knots—Flow vanishing

Knots tighter, limbs blue

They plan to cut them off for you

Sent to factories in polluted skies

Blackened tar, innocent doves

A promise to pay you for your flesh

Like feathers blackened, a tainted mesh

Of empty change jars filled with ash

Those still with two feet continue to pass

But you’re two feet under, breath still held

Punished for sidestepping caution lines

Barricades of Nevers, Rivers of No’s

Those lines, cutting the yellows with sharpened teeth

Breathe now, the veins rush with fresh blood

The red will flow, the lines will break

The doors will shatter, for all to take

Structure cannot cut down those with wings

The blackened feathers of doves

Burst into flight, Ravens, anew

What will these lines take from you?


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